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Leading a trader is not only about working on yourself, on your trading methods, but also about training and the support that is provided when needed.

Can you tell me about yourself? What brought you into the world of trading?

How can I help you? I will help you to understand all the details of work in the financial markets, teach you to trade using modern programs and MetaTrader trading terminals, set up your trading terminal or the terminal of your broker. I will talk to you about trading on a real account.

Maybe you want to learn more about Forex?

I’m sure it will still be the most important thing you need to do in the market – understand Forex. There are no secrets here. You can learn a lot as you go along, including in a real account.

I’m pretty sure even if you trade every day, you still won’t understand anything if you don’t learn to understand the market. When I start to lecture you, I will tell you how to understand the market.

Why do I need it? I am interested in it. I make money trading stocks, futures, currencies. I’ve been investing money for many years, and I have my own investment projects. But where else can I invest money but in my own business – investments?

As an investor, I have a lot of experience in trading, I’ve had good results, I’ve made good money and I’ve invested that money in solid stocks. I invest in financial assets because I am convinced that they are more reliable than real estate and banks. You and I will learn to think like investors and invest like investors.

What is my capital in forex?

Why did I decide to invest in Forex in the first place? How did my acquaintance with Forex, with trading on this exchange, begin? It started when I read your book “Psychology of Trading”. I watched the charts, the traders’ work and I was amazed with many things. I started to trade on Forex market on my own and after a while I realized that it was my business.

Why was it important to you?

“Trader’s psychology” is very useful because it gives an understanding of a person who is governed by unconscious psychological processes. If you learn how to manage your emotions, you can manage your actions, make deliberate decisions rather than impulsive ones. Trading is very important.