Self-knowledge” ended up studying in separate rooms, which was more convenient and cheaper. In general, on the Science Express, I did not. After that, an article in the Express with the self-liquidation of the country was written. Just in case, I reprinted it, but did not send it to the magazine. And there was no trace of it. But I did translate the article and put it in Argumenty Nedeli. And in Limonka. Because it was witty and very successful. The thing is that while the liberal lawmakers were discussing which deputies should be legislatively limited to, say, buckwheat (a progressive measure was soon abandoned, given the real food situation), Old Square decided to send Galina Starovoitova, a well-known progressive who was a party member, to the parliament as a female battalion. Well, she was an outstanding woman, artistic, brutish. There were very few women like that. She was really outstanding. There were rumors of her growing up in the family, but that’s just rumors. According to opinion polls, she was the most popular female deputy. But not by the party. And yet the party did not nominate her, so she actually went to parliament, not to her. By the way, she is still Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs. That’s exactly the same person who wrote the self-help article, which was apparently given to “Dialectics”…

(OR: After “Ptyuch” published my article about how the fate of one family left behind after her father’s murder – which for some reason everyone kept silent on – literally shook me, I decided to call the most famous person in political life at the time, the person I knew I could call at any time, and ask him to support my version from the perspective of the person who had participated in the investigation – Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin.

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The first thing I did was to tell Yeltsin about my doubts that all these murders connected with business, with raiding, with censorship are a manifestation of the phenomenon that I call “the human honor code.” Boris Nikolayevich chimed in.

– If that’s the case, I have to go there,” he said firmly.