What is an education abroad? Is it the best education in the world that provides many benefits? Is it really so? To answer this question, we must first understand what education is all about. What does “the best in the world” mean? What exactly is meant by it?

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And what is the best thing about education?

Education, like any other thing, has many different attributes. One of them is its socio-economic importance, scale, quality, and duration.

The socio-economic aspect implies that education should be available to all, free of charge, and in sufficient quantity. In addition, it should have the possibility of different forms of education: training in a public university, secondary vocational education and higher education, which is not widespread in the CIS countries, and the European and American, due to historical reasons, has nothing to do with it. Finally, education should have such goals that, according to the students themselves, correspond to the values that guide them in their future lives.

As for the quality of education, it is determined by the range and quality of educational services provided by universities and colleges and by the focus, complexity, and outcomes of student learning.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, the most interesting institutions are those foreign educational institutions that have a long experience in providing quality education. It is no coincidence that the main emphasis is placed on quality, as it is the fundamental condition that determines the prospects and, as a consequence, the effectiveness of the university itself. Nevertheless, the level of education quality in a HEI directly depends on the HEI itself, on the qualification of teachers, on the availability and quality of teaching-methodological and scientific base.

Russian education has always been and is considered to be the best in the world. And this is no exaggeration. Foreign students who have studied at our universities confess that during their studies they have not experienced any difficulties in mastering the curriculum. Russians have always been distinguished by a high level of education, which is confirmed by international university rankings, which include dozens of higher education institutions around the world.

Today Russia is unquestionably recognized as the best country for education, especially for humanities and economic specialties. And this popularity is due not only to its superior technology and advanced facilities, but also to the leading role of Russian education as a system with great potential for development.

In the West, if you will, we have long done away with the division into own and other people’s. European countries are moving in a rut set by the United States of America. People who go to the United States have absolutely no problems there when they find themselves in a foreign language environment.