Set Your Moosend In Motion: Publishers

Create your first mailing list in Moosend and add all kinds of custom fields to capture and store all different subscriber information for top-notch email marketing personalization. This video walks you through both processes step-by-step.

Hello! Welcome to another Moosend tutorial!

In this video, I will show you how to create your first mailing list and how to create custom fields. 

Custom fields are a way to capture and store all different subscriber information, such as their birthday, the type of news they prefer to read or even their favorite editor! 

All this information will open the way to personalizing your emails. Which leads to happier subscribers and more conversions! 

Let’s start by creating your first mailing list from scratch! 

On your Moosend account, click on the Mailing lists button. 

Νext, click on the Create new list button. 

Fill-in the Mailing List Name field with the name you wish your mailing list to have. 

Click on the Save button.

Your first mailing list is ready to be filled up with subscribers! 

For now, let’s see how to create different custom fields in your mailing list. 

The name and email address are default fields that already exist but you can also add any other field of information that is on your list.  

Creating them is very easy. 

Let’s go back to the dashboard.

Click on the Mailing Lists button.

Then, click on the name of the list you want to add new custom fields to.

Click on the Custom fields button, on the menu that appears.

Click on the Add new custom field button. 

Fill in the name that you want your new field to have.

Select the data type of your new custom field from the drop-down menu.

You can choose any of the options available: Text, Number, Date Time, Single-select Drop-down and Checkbox.

Click on the Save custom field button to create the custom field.

Your custom field is ready for you to use. 

Remember that you can edit or delete any of the custom fields you created by clicking on the Pencil button in the Actions column.

That’s it! You’ve just created a perfect mailing list!

Happy email marketing!