Set Your Moosend In Motion: For All Businesses

It all starts with your name! Learn how to add a new “From” name and email address that your recipients see when they receive your email to boost your open rates and reach all inboxes. 


Welcome to another Moosend tutorial. 

In this video, I will show you how to add a sender!

By sender, we mean the email address which your subscribers see in their inbox when they receive an email from you. It’s the first thing your subscribers see and together with the subject line it determines whether they will open it or not. 

Also, remember that you should always use a business email address for your email marketing as free email providers like Gmail and Yahoo won’t work well when moving forward with your campaigns.

So let’s see how to add a sender, by starting from your dashboard. This is how your dashboard looks like. 

And if you’re wondering about the two green ticks here, that’s because Moosend automatically creates a sender and your first mailing list right when you create your account! 

But now it’s time to add a sender on your own, so let’s go! 

Once on your dashboard, click on the Settings button. 

Then, click on the Senders option on the menu that appears. 

Click on the Add New Sender button, to add a sender other than the email address you registered with. 

Fill in the name and email of the sender you wish to add.  

In case you change your mind you can always click on the Cancel & return to senders button. 

When you’re ready, click on the Save Sender button. 

Once you complete this step, head to your inbox on the email address you just registered as your new sender address and open the confirmation email we’ve sent you. 

Click on the confirmation link to be redirected to your Control Panel Page.

From there you should check your Senders list to verify that your new sender has a tick next to it, right under the Verified column.

If the sender you added is rejected, please contact us to guide you through. 

Congratulations! You just added your first sender in under 3 minutes!